My practice is deeply rooted in helping people understand the connection between what we eat, how we live, and how well we thrive. 

Integrating current science, functional medicine, nutritional lab tests and the healing power of food to develop personalized plans to help overcome complex health problems. 

Have you ever enjoyed a cup of ginger tea, snipped a bit of lemon balm or lavender or enjoyed a bowl of summer tomato soup?  This may be what Hippocrates meant when he wrote “Let food be our medicine and medicine be our food”. Without a doubt the foods we choose or do not choose can change our terrain so to speak, making our body much less hospitable to illness. 

I am undeniably passionate about seasonal produce, organic, non-genetically modified and less processed food. I teach how to integrate spices, herbs, and essential oils into everyday living. I can often be found talking to folks about the healing benefits of growing something you can eat.  

While I advocate for simple homemade meals, I also teach the art of putting together quick healthful meals on the go. 

Essentially, it’s my mission to help people live longer stronger lives.