My practice is deeply rooted in helping people understand the connection between what we eat, how we live, and how well we thrive. I look forward to learning what is unique about you, your health history, concerns, lifestyle, strengths and challenges. Based on your personal history, we will develop a plan to help you restore and maintain good health. 

"It is true, that it is not easy to make nutrition and lifestyle changes. However, feeling better now, while making your body less hospitable to disease tomorrow, can feel like getting a whole new lease on life. Less doctor visits, less medications, better quality of life, longer stronger living." dhj 

Initial Consultation: 1-1/2 hours in length at 250.00    or     2 hours at 295.00 

Follow-Up Meetings: 55 minutes - 165.00

Brief Phone or Email Appointments: 35.00 per 15 minutes  

The Details:   

We’ll focus on healing foods and lifestyle not a “diet” for restoring and repairing health.

We'll work with nutritional testing where beneficial, a realistic eating plan, and personalized therapeutic nutrients, not, one size fits all "diets". 

Each person's starting place is different, possible first steps in establishing goals may be one or more of the following topics: 

  •  eating style based on your concerns
  •  nutrient needs per your concerns 
  •  digestive health     
  •  inflammation, pH, immune health including autoinmmune conditions, your natural detoxification pathways
  •  hormone balance, bone health, brain health
  •  the effects that poor sleep, stress, or excessive toxic chemicals have on nutrient needs and health
  •  cancer prevention 
  •  nutritional testing, Leap MRT food and chemical sensitivity test, comprehensive micronutrient testing
  •  supermarket savvy tips, meal ideas, recipes 
  •  juicing 101 
  •  smoothies 101 
  •  eating out healthfully
  •  healthy metabolism and weight
  •  personalized wellness or therapeutic supplement protocol 
  •  ditching diets, finally making peace with food

"Did you know that your gastrointestinal tract is like the door to the rest of your body? And that chronic poor digestion leads to nutrient deficiencies? And that 70% of your immune system is in your gut? Gut healing then, becomes essential to every other area of good health" 

Everything I do overlaps to help you feel better, minimize health risk and enable you to better focus on your life goals and dreams. 

Follow-Up Meetings

Almost everything worth changing takes time and direction, including your health. 

Interactive follow-up includes reviewing progress, new information and implementing next step goals in your personalized protocol. Since each person's health journey does not follow the same path, it will be important to adjust goals as needed.

Most often we meet in the office but in some cases due to proximity we may schedule telephone or skype follow-up appointments. 

Support Your New Level of Health

Having worked with lifestyle and truly restoring health, not "diets", you will be better prepared to avoid slipping into old habits. 

If a new health challenge does present itself, a nutrition check-up will help you quickly identify and address it, before it becomes a serious condition.  


As you move further away from illness, celebrate making a positive difference in your life!


Clients pay for service at time of service. However, since I am a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist, I am able to give you a superbill statement to turn into your insurance carrier. I am also able to accept health savings accounts or flex cards. In addition, I do have credit card capability. Not being contracted with insurance carriers, I am considered "out-of-network". 

The possibility of any reimbursement back to you is dependent on your insurance plan and your carrier. Filing the superbill statement I provide is the responsibility of clients.