Client Stories, Cancer, Resilence, Change and Healing Foods.

Meeting with clients is incredibly inspiring to me. In my humble experience or witness, the human spirit cannot be measured nor easily trodden.   

When clients come and share their stories, an alliance happens. Clients have an uncanny ability to be teachers on some point and receivers on another. It’s an exchange where one’s experience informs the sharing of history, evidence, research, case studies, and the healing tapestry of food and nutrients.                                                                                                                                

Patients do the work, they persevere, they have or get grit… people will always be in debt to those who are willing to make the health journey. They show the rest.

My clients continue to encourage me and just might encourage you too.

An accounting, common ground, of inspirational and courageous women I’ve met with.  A woman with breast cancer reports, she does the research and then sits still with God to see where her peace lies. No matter what anyone else would choose, this woman is focused and ready to fight this battle. She’s gathering her army. She has an oncology medical doctor that has studied holistic and nutritional medicine. She is now embarking on a treatment that is blending the art of conventional medicine with centuries old, yet now well studied nutritional medicine. 

She is equipped by her doctor with the therapeutic nutrients that will come alongside her treatment. This gal has moxy… she talks about how she threw herself headlong into cleaning out her pantry, scraping old grocery lists for new and setting about a new way with new foods, new cookbooks, a new garden.                                                                                                                

She is learning how to buy and make simple meals with the foods that help our body fight this intruder. Foods like ginger, carrots, leafy greens, green tea, turmeric spice, feverfew, berries, citrus fruit, broccoli, rutabaga, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, radishes, tomato, plums, grapes, mint, lavender, cherries, mushrooms, seaweed, capers, onion, garlic, thyme, basil, oregano, sweet potatoes, beans, and wild fish. In the world of nutritional science we are learning about foods that help kill cancer cells including cancer stem cells. We are always encouraged by on-going research on foods and nutrients that provide physcial stamina during treatment, lessen potential side effects, and minimize muscle loss. 

In the midst of her valley, her strength is her faith and her enthusiasm now is for seeking information, the "how to" of living well, of equipping her body to rise up to this challenge, knock out the cancer and heal her vessel. 

By the most important measures this woman is thriving, she shares that treatment has been completed, she is some but not alot shaken for the wear. Her spirit is soaring, she is on to the necessary steps to rebuilding her health. In the most laid bare sense, she is bent on healing physically and emotionally.  

Working now with a specific professional and most gentle detox alongside restoration of health takes precedence. 

This is just one written accounting of clients on thriving while making life changes. You likely know someone who has transitioned into a healthier way of living and thinking. Next time you speak with them, ask them what their new favorite recipe is. Watch as their eyes light up to reveal a hint of satisfaction. You see, part of their journey now, is to pass on wisdom they have gained along the way. 

Here’s to courageous people that go before us, herb gardens, natures wisdom, and good food.

Thinking about good food reminds me of this weeks farmer’s market finds, tomatoes and squash, a shake of sea salt, a handful of herbs and a spritz of good olive oil. Later, I might be thinking about a small square of Green and Black's 85% dark chocolate.                          

God Bless, Debra