New Year, Starting

This year instead of focusing on rules, guilt or diets, I propose a toast. Definitely, let’s toast a cup of warm tea to the wonderful new foods we might try in 2017, the opportunity to drink clean water and the ability to effect our health simply by what’s on our plate.

Here are a few things I am looking forward to this year:

Water - I’ve been thinking quite a bit about water lately. As it turns out, while plentiful here in America, most of us do not drink enough.

If you divide your weight by two, this how many total ounces of fluid your body needs per day. Most of our fluids should be plain filtered water. Start with 6-12 ounces water upon waking. Turns out our kidney prefers we then drink small amounts of water throughout the day versus a large volume once or twice. Other fluids I recommend for most people are organic green tea, herb teas including holy basil tea, and fermented probiotic rich drinks kombucha tea (~1/3 cup), organic kefir (~1/3 cup) and miso soup (1-2 teaspoon in your serving). * I recommend 1-2 servings of a probiotic rich food most days.  

Food As Medicine - The ability to effect our physical, mental and emotional health by what we choose to eat is nothing short of amazing. 

What I love about this time of year is that we have likely had our fill of sweets and or processed foods and are ready at least mentally, even if not yet emotionally, to simplify or meals. This may just be the right time to challenge ourselves in ways that will change our life.  

Since a Food as Medicine approach is grounded in eating whole foods, and primarily seasonal plant based foods; how do you feel about a focus on eating mostly or all unprocessed unrefined natural foods for seven days? 

I expect you will feel such a difference in energy and wellbeing that you will be inspired to continue on… eating plenty whole foods and minimizing processed foods. 

Here’s What’s in Season (from Edible Dallas Fort Worth Winter):   

arugula                                        chard                   kale                                radishes 

beets and beet greens              cilantro                 kohlrabi                         rosemary

bok choy                                     citrus                    leek                               rutabaga

broccoli                                       collards                salad greens                 shallots

brussel sprouts                           dill                        mizen                             spinach 

cabbage                                     endive                  mustard greens             turnips/greens  

carrots                                        fennel                   peas (english, snap, snow)   

cauliflower                                 fenugreek             radicchio                        watercress                


Things you Knew, New Ideas, Eating Well: 

  • buy cauliflower, carrots, snow healthy dips such as hummus, avocado dip, homemade pintobean dip or salsa for afternoon snack (roasted carrots with leftover seasoned mashed pinto bean dip - better than you might think)
  • enjoy a morning porridge of oats, amaranth, quinoa, or buckwheat with chopped nuts, coconut flakes, seeds etc. instead of processed boxed cereals or poptarts loaded with refined grains and sugar
  • one of my favorite breakfasts is 1/2 diced avocado, a handful of nuts and a cup of fresh seasonal fruit (not melon or citrus though)
  • cook with more leafy greens, veggies, beans, peas, lentils (try adding fiber rich beans or peas to salads) 
  • eat a bit of fresh garden herbs every day such as mint, parsley, oregano, basil, parsley …  
  • pack a thermos with soup or stew for lunch
  • carry fresh fruit or a healthy food bar such as Lara Bar for away from home snacks
  • on the go, plan ahead to pick-up healthier options by having restaurant phone number and favorite healthy option at your fingertips 
  • try winter apples or pears dipped in almond butter w/ cinnamon, vanilla & chia seeds stirred in
  • during winter months focus on eating one piece of citrus fruit most days
  • enjoy a cup of dark chocolate hot cocoa or good quality yogurt and baked fruit for dessert 
  • venture to try a new winter squash recipe (
  • try Japanese sweet potatoes in your next soup or stew 
  • make one large crockpot soup or stew each week and enjoy the leftovers :) 


Sleep, when adequate, helps you function better and make healthier eating choices

Exercise helps increase circulation, brain power, mood and tends to improve eating choices 

Gratitude lowers stress and increases joy also leading to better eating choices

Enjoying the foods put on this good earth, creates an appreciation for our opportunity to choose plenty wholesome natural foods 

With every healthy bite, drink of clean water, restful night, physical activity and good or grateful thought we are contributing to our bodies ability achieve better health.  

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For recommendations personalized to your life and concerns, I’d love to work with you in individual consultation. Blessings, Happy New Year, Debra